Empath Astrology

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Shawna McGrath is a counselor, guide, and space-holder.

She helps people move through difficult situations by holding space and collaboratively exploring relational patterns and symbolic themes. Her approach is humanistic and person-centered.

She also uses astrology, tarot, your dreams, and the symbolism present in everyday life.

With theses tools, she specializes in holding space for highly sensitive people (HSPs) and empaths to connect with their authentic nature and to improve their relationships.

Why Empath Astrology?

The term "empath" is defined as "one who experiences the emotions of others" (Merriam Webster Dictionary).

Shawna calls her practice "Empath Astrology" because the focus of her work is attuning to people at a deep level.

About Astrology

Astrology is a system of correlating the Moon, Sun, and planets as we see them from Earth with synchronistic life events. These correlations are then assigned a meaning, symbol, or archetype. Ideally, this process reduces your suffering, enhances your happiness, and increases overall well-being because you have an encounter with your Self.

Astrology is incredibly useful as a synchronistic language because it provides deeper meaning, clarity, direction, and validation.

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"A life truly lived constantly burns away veils of illusion, burns away what is not longer relevant, gradually reveals our essence, until, at last, we are strong enough to stand in our naked truth."

Marion Woodman