Shawna McGrath



My name is Shawna. I'm a consulting astrologer based in San Diego, California. I work with sensitive souls locally and worldwide to improve their lives emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I was introduced to astrology on my 16th birthday​ - a love was born!

I worked in property management real estate for over a decade before shifting to astrology professionally in 2014.

My approach is client-focused to provide the experience, insight, and information most needed in each consultation.

I practice Western Astrology in a blend of traditional and modern. I'm influenced by Hellenistic astrology, early modern astrology (William Lilly), and current modern (Psychological Astrology). I am mostly self-taught. I continue to learn through my clients every day! I also studied planetary conditions of Hellenistic Astrology with Demetra George and completed my undergraduate degree at Arizona State University where I studied psychology and anthropology.

I'm currently a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee and volunteering at Hospice of the North Coast in Carlsbad, California. I am a master's degree candidate with an emphasis on counseling and depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

My passions are learning about people, culture, and the nature of life. I love doing astrology readings and coaching with sensitive souls all over the world, from all backgrounds, cultures, and orientations.